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Scorbot Robot Arm
Scorbot ER III Robot Arm
Scorbot Robot Arm
Scorbot ER-4u Robot Arm
Scorbot Robot Arm
Scorbot ER-5 Robot Arm
Scorbot Robot Arm
Scorbot ER-2 Robot Arm
Scorbot Robot Arm
Scorbot ER-VII Robot Arm

The Scorbot ER-III is a JAR (Jointed Arm Revolute) robot which means it's movements are somewhat similar to that of the human arm. The ER III has three axes of rotation and five degrees of freedom. These degrees are illustrated through the movement of different parts which are:

1) Base- lower part of robot which rotates about the y-axis.
2) Shoulder- connects to the base by way of a joint which rotates about the x-axis.
3) Elbow- connects to the shoulder by way of a joint and also rotates about the x-axis.
4) Wrist- this portion is connected to the elbow and gives the robot its final two degrees of freedom. It is capable of rotating as a human wrist would, wrist roll. The wrist is connected by a joint along the x-axis which allows it to flex up and down as a human wrist would, wrist pitch.
5) Gripper- this is end effector attached to the wrist and is capable of opening and closing. It emulates the action of a human using his/her index finger and thumb to grasp an object. This robot is powered via an electric motor.

Robot Specifications:
Mechanical Structure: Vertically Articulated, 5 Axis PLUS Gripper = 6 Axis; Support for 2 additional axis (Conveyor, rotary table, etc); Controller supports simultaneous control of all 8 axis

Working Envelope:
Axis 1: Base Rotation 310 degrees
Axis 2: Shoulder Rotation +130 Degrees / -35 Degrees
Axis 3: Elbow Rotation +- 130 Degrees
Axis 4: Wrist Pitch +- 130 Degrees
Axis 5: Wrist Roll Unlimited
Axis 6: GRIPPER Open/Close + Measurement of gripper opening
Maximum Working Radius: 61mm (24.4")
Gripper Opening: 75mm (3") without rubber pads - 65mm (2.56") with rubber pads
Maximum Work Load: 1kg (2.2 Lb)
Transmission: Gears, Timing Belts and Lead Screw
Actuators: 6 DC Servo Motors with Closed-Loop Servo Control
Feedback: Optical Encoders on All Axis
Hard Home: Fixed Reference Position on all Axes
Repeatability: +- .05mm (+- 0.02")
Maximum Speed: 330mm/Sec. (13"/Sec)
Weight: Robot Arm: 11kg (24 Lb) - Controller: 5kg (11 Lb)

Source: Private Hobbyist Collection, My Collection - Updated 11-14-2019