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Maxx Steele ® by Ideal ® for CBS Toys

Maxx Steele ® by Ideal ®

Maxx Steele ® by Ideal ®

Maxx Steele ® by Ideal ®

Maxx Steele ® by Ideal ®

Maxx Steele ® By Ideal ® for CBS Toys :   Now this is a toy robot. Look at all the things he did. He could bring you a can of soda, he could wake you up, he could play computer games, and he also had a flashlight. In 1984 this was the cream of the crop. Standing at over two feet tall with the kind of electronic wizardry that seemed abnormally high-tech for the time period, Ideal's version of Maxx Steele was, for all intents, a dream come true. Ideal only produced 5,000 or so of these robots.

The robot was capable of learning new tricks through expansion packs, he could move around, light up, use his arms to carry around and deliver secret messages, and all the other roboty robot things. His vocabulary extended well past a hundred words and as an added bonus, Maxx had a working claw.

Even though MAXX STEELE was made by a toy company, MAXX was not Just a toy! MAXX had a lot of potential for Expansion. There were approximately 5000 MAXX STEELE's built by CBS Toys for IDEAL. One thing toy companies do a great job at is the way that they can make sophisticated machines in a simple and elegant manner.

MAXX is an interesting example of what could be done with a Personal Robot. MAXX also had an Expansion port on his chest. The prototype cartridges contains a 2K ROM that runs MAXX through a demonstration. There is a Serial Port on Controller Expansion Interface Port on Maxx in chest compartment.

Microprocessor: 65C02 (CMOS) Custom version just for Maxx Internal Memory: 2K RAM (CMOS), 8K ROM
U401 is the 8K ROM that contains the code to run MAXX
U400 is the 2K static RAM (6116) that you can use to program MAXX
U300 is the custom 65C02 CPU
U402 is an LC310 (half of speech)
U403 is an LS8100 (other hald of speech)
U500 is a custom microcontroller to check the status of the switches and control I/O
U200 is and KA2201 ans is the Amplifier for the sound and speech

Programming is easy. Three operating modes-- remote control, teaching, and programming. Program steps: 255 Music: 127 notes Speech: 16 sentences of 15 words (maximum) each Maximum Continuous Speech: 478 words

Base Vocabulary: approximately 140 words or word particles Music Range: Two octaves (chromatic scale)
Program steps: 255 Music: 127 notes - Music, with a keyboard that provides a 2-Octave Chromatic scale. Teach him a tune and he'll perform it from memory.

Speech: 16 sentences of 15 words (maximum) each Maximum Continuous Speech: 478 words - Robot talk. Maxx knows 125 words. He's helpful; he tells you how to use him. Or, program a phrase by punching in the words and he'll recite from memory.

Keyboard: 25 Multi-function keys Battery Life of Controller: 20 hours Range: approximately 25', depending on local conditions Frequency: 27.095 Mhz Power: 300mw

Time between charge: 1.5 to 4 hours, depending upon usage. Arms, wheels, wrist, and claw use more current than speech and music. Battery Charge Time: approximately 14 hours, depending on conditions. (See LABEL on inside of Maxx's chest compartment.)
Range of Operating Temperatures: 50 to 90 degrees F
Charger: 120 VAC, 60Hz. Output: 20 VAC, 14 va
Rechargeable Battery: 10 Volt Built-in rechargeable battery pack and, when Maxx needs a charge, he'll ask for it!
Fuse: #3AG 5 amp fast blow fuse

For a more details and support, JOIN the Yahoo Tech Groups - Maxx Steele , See their website for more Information and Support.

Source: My Collection, #1 ryanpatricksmythe @ yahoo groups maxsteele - Updated 10-14-2009