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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND APPRECIATION - I would like to extend Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Thanks, to the Users of the Web Site, Friends, My Mentor, Individuals, The Hobbyist Collectors (World Wide), Robot Manufactures, Robot Collectables Stores, eBay Stores, Toy Museums, Web Sites, Book Authors and News Networks that have helped me with Recommendations, Encouragement, Support, Information and Pictures.

THE OLD ROBOT'S WEB SITE : Omnibot ® 5402

I dream .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .    When I was created or born in the 1980's, I was one of the few and select robots that had a purpose, to play, teach and entertain. I was young, didn't have a onboard computer, but didn't need one at the time. Besides, they were not readily available and need by me for my purpose. Who say's a robot must always have a computer.

I could move around in all directions, learn, teach, sleep, wake up and move around to pre-programmed functions, tell time, talk from others, talk on my own after pre recording, had my own limited language, carry things, sing and entertain. I stimulated people to dream of new ideas for science and technology when they were young. Young minds looked at me and taught of ways to improve and give me more functions, grew up and invented them, but put them on others.

I dreamed of growing up and doing more things, I waited and waited. Even though I traveled around the world, was international in all areas, (all countries knew of me or sold me) my brothers and sisters did become famous through the movies, and I was regulated to my everyday tasks. So I waited and dreamed of growing up and doing greater things. It has been over twenty-three years and to a robot that is like being over a (100) hundred years old. I have been put in attics, garages, and basements thrown away into the junkyards and forgotten.

But I am persistent, I still live and still I dream. I will survive; I am tough, versatile and have hopes and dreams of my purpose for a future. I wait and I dream .   .   .   .   .          Omnibot ® 5402

"Max at the Rainbow Bridge"

"Cleo at the Rainbow Bridge"

"Gracie at the Rainbow Bridge"

"Mojo at the Rainbow Bridge"

"Bree at the Rainbow Bridge"

"Leroy at the Rainbow Bridge"

"Grey at the Rainbow Bridge"


"Max , Cleo & Gracie, Mojo, Bree, Leroy & Grey is at the Rainbow Bridge" - Max , Cleo & Gracie, Mojo, Bree, Leroy & Grey had hearts of gold and was always there for us. He/She brought happeness and love to our house and was a friend to all. We two, have been so close all these years. He/She was a bright light and we will miss him/her. God Bless You Max , Cleo & Gracie, Mojo, Bree, Leroy & Grey at the Rainbow Bridge .

"OMNIBOT FAN BOOK- i-SOBOT & 80's Robot Collection" The first i-SOBOT book "Omnibot Fan Book - i-SOBOT and 80's Robot" in Japanese, courtesy of "TECHN'O'TAKU" AKIRA II'D'UKA, has hit bookstores in Japan now. The TOMY i-SOBOT is a fully functional bipedal humanoid robot for the serious hobbyist. The book also contains the older version of the Omnibot family and would be a delight to the Omnibot Hobbyist. The Old Robots Web Site is also included in the book. If you own a Omnibot you should have this book. It's Amazing! Go to this Web Page

The Old Robots Web Site on the Web ; "I am the blogger at RobotShop.com and I just wrote a post about The Old Robots. What a nice website you have! Your collection is just amazing." My thanks to Vincent and See : Robotshop.com

The Old Robots Web Site on the Web ; Someone at Robot’s Dreams just posted a link and a tiny snapshot of The Old Robots Website, nothing else; no intro, not even a goodbye. After spending nearly an hour at said website, I think I now know why: whoever posted that link must have been so eager to go back to browsing The Old Robots Website that he or she couldn’t be bothered with typing something else other than the link.
Thanks to and See : Technabob :

The Old Robots Web Site on the Web ; About a month ago, my husband sent me a link to this amazing robot site called The Old Robots. It is one of the best catalogued robot sites that I've seen. It's very cool! Not only do I love to be able to look at all the robots, but there's a ton of great info on them, too. I love the way they've been organized into grids, with their names placed clearly underneath each one of them.
Thanks to and See : fragmented : - ramblings / fragments / snippets / etc.

The Old Robots Web Site in the news ; Old Robots Information Website TheOldRobots.com offers a fun overview of many toy and hobby robots complete with pictures of packaging and accessories.... (more) ....; Posted 1 May 2007 at 14:13 UTC by Rog-a-matic. Thanks to and see ; ROBOTS.NET

The Old Robots Web Site in the news ; . . . Robots, robots everywhere! . .(more) . . . . The Old Robots Web Site is a collection of robots from the 1980's and 1990's. It is pictures rich for a collector, and of historical interest to many people." I'm familiar with the Heathkit Hero and Tomy Omnibot series, but was flabbergasted to discover literally dozens of other very nifty models lurking in the site's archives. Heck, there are nearly 60 Omnibots listed . . .(more) . . . Posted by james grahame on January 26, 2008 at 01:50 PM. Thanks to and see ; Retro Thing - Vintage Gadgets & Technology

The Old Robots Web Site in the news , Hacked Gadgets articles are written by people who have a passion for sharing interesting creations with the world. Everything from innovative inventions to weird and wacky creation are fair game around here! Thanks to and see August 13, 2010 ; Hacked Gadgets

The Old Robots Web Site in the Blog in Spanish: . . Galería de robots del pasado - Este robot y muchos otros más se pueden ver en el sitio The Old Robots. Te recomiendo visitarlo luego de terminar lo que tengas que hacer. A mi me costo casi medio día poder finalizar esta nota mientras escribía y navegaba al mismo tiempo por aquel sitio.

The Old Robots Web Site in the Blog in English . . This robot and many others can be viewed on the site The Old Robots. I recommend you visit after finishing what you have to do. It took me almost half a day to finish this note while writing and while sailing through that site. See : N+NeoTeo

The Old Robots Web Site in the news , WEB TECHNOLOGY USA is a directory of Technology websites. This directory is a good place to start when looking for a list of the top Technology websites, blogs and forums. Promising websites are selected from the listing to be the featured websites of the week. The website also posts Press Releases from leading Technology companies. There is a dedicated detailed page for each website. The link to the website is provided at the bottom of each directory page.Thanks to and see : WEB TECHNOLOGY USA

The Old Robots Web Site in the news , YUMPU : 55 Magazines from THEOLDROBOTS.COM found on Yumpu.com - Read for FREE. Yumpu releases magazines, documents and catalogs on the internet. Publish for free. Gain new readers and costumers worldwide. EN. Thanks to and see : YUMPU

WEB USERS - DO YOU WANT ROBOT PICTURES ?? - I would like to extend to You the Users of the Web Site, larger pictures for your use. Click on the following link Robot-Pictures . . . Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures . . .

ARCHIVE : Old "Christmas & New Year's" Cards - I would like to extend to the users of the web site, the archive : "Christmas & New Year's " Cards "

INFORMATION NEEDED PLEASE ? Tomy Omnibot ® Experimental by Markatronic © : The Tomy Omnibot is a robot toy that was picked up and modified. This information was collected from the Internet Web Site when it was in existence. I am looking for information on Who & Were the information and robot was developed. Go to this page: Markatronic


My appreciation to all the Hobbyist Collectors that have helped me by supplying information that is not available to me. With the collection of information from many different Hobbyist Collectors, myself, and my cataloguing of information, mistakes will happen.

If you think that any of the manuals presented, is miss-identified, originally came from you, or I have already scanned and put online a manual from my collection please, send me a copy of your manual anyway. Send me an email and I will reply on where to send it. Why! Not all manuals are the same; there are differences in some of the manuals.

I try to confirm all pictures and information that is contributed before adding it to this site. If you would like to add information please send it to me and indicate if you want to be recognized by : Name, Hobbyist, Country, International or None. I will follow-up with emails. If you do not respond or you do not have a clear email address it will not be posted.

If you find any errors on this web site, please send me a email indicating the error. It will be deeply appreciated.

The Old Robot

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