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Newton Robot
Newton ® White Robot
Newton Robot
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Newton Robot
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Newton Robot
Newton ® Robot
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The Anatomy of Newton ® by SynPet ® Imagine A real robot right in your very own home, school or office!. He walks. he talks. He works, plays, teaches and more. Introducing Newton. The first and only personal robot who's ready. willing and able to help out at home, at school, in the office anywhere you go!

IBM PC XT equivalent system for all application software
Internal control functions driven by 16 bit real-time microcomputer
Long term memory 20 MB hard disk drive
720 floppy disk drive
Internal clock/calander for time based functions
Learns by doing
Self-diagonostic program

Advanced speech synthesis/speaker dependent voice recognition - Using a digital signal processor and linear predictive coding
Ability to understand and act on recognized voice commands

Who's Newton? SynPet VHS Promo, 1989
Extensive vocabulary plus music and sound effects capabilities
Text to speech conversion
Variable voice pitch, tone and inflection simulate human speech

Two ultrasonic range finders 1. Rotating unit "vision" functions and motion detection 2. Lower fixed unit obstruction/drop off detection
Infra-red heat sensor detects presence of human beings and motion
Light and smoke sensors
Sound detector

Capable of autonomous and programmed mobility.Two DC motor driven wheels capable of propelling robot across hard floors
Up to 5 deg incline, or plush carpet
Capable of tight-radius turns as well as straight-line travel
Detects and avoids obstructions

Uses wireless telephone to answer incoming calls, make outgoing calls, and deliver messages
Internal 1200 baud modem provides access to available on-line data bases
Wireless interface permits automatic control of lights, appliences, security systems, heating and air conditioning systems

Colorful, friendly looking body measures 34" tall. 18" wide
Textured easy to clean polyethyline outer shell
Rotating head
Numerous colorful indicator lights illuminate or flash regularly to identify functions and operating conditions

Verbal commands
Programmed instructions
Full-function wireless remote control for non-verbal control and data entry

Powered with a rechargable, sealed and maintenance free deep discharge battery
Also includes battery charger with:

"Base" unit for cordless telephone
RF receiver/transmitter for power line carrier appliance control
Homing beacon that allows robot to locate recharger on its own
User is alerted to low power condition
Autodock enables robot to locate, and dock with, battery charger. : - - Newton by SynPet, VHS Promo [original release post] 1989 regarding the Newton personal household robot. : (U.S.A.)

Source: Robot Workshop,, My Collection, Private Hobbyist Collection - Updated 3-10-2010