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Maxx Steele pdf

Maxx Steele pdf

Maxx Steele pdf

Maxx Steele pdf


To Download Instruction Manuals Click On The Images. These files are large. They are Free. These files are as clean as I can make them, they all work for me, you download at your own risk. No Warranties Express or Implied. It is suggested that you do not Open The files in your browser window. Right Click on your mouse button and "Save Target" or "Save Link" to your computer. The file will or should start downloading/or ask you where to download to, and give you a window. All browsers will not work the same.

RoboScout pdf

(ZIP File 11.3 MB)


Roboscout card.pdf

Robo Cub pdf

Modulus Manual.pdf

H.E.N.R.Y. pdf

Denby pdf
Robot World
Robot World.pdf

Unicorn Robot

T.O.P.O. Advertisement

T.O.P.O. Advertisement

Androbot Issue One

Androbot Issue Two

T.O.P.O. Owners Manual


Fred Flyer

Androbot B.O.B.

Androbot Schmetics

Gemini Discription .pdf

Gemini Product Discription .pdf

Gemini Product Catalog .pdf

Gemini User Manual .pdf

Gemini. Robotic Age .pdf

Gemini. Robot Kits .zip

Gemini. Robot Software .zip

Gemini. Robot Experimenter .pdf

Gemini. Robot Tech Reference .pdf

Radio Electronics.pdf

Gemini Robot Drawings .pdf

Gemini Robot Schematics I .pdf

Gemini Robot Schematics II .pdf

Handleiding_CS-113 .pdf

Robot Arm Atari pdf

PC-BOT User .pdf

PC-BOT Quick Start .pdf

914 Basic Computer Ins .pdf

Microbot .pdf

Teachmover .pdf

Microbot Patent .pdf

RS-2200 Pro-Arm Robotics .pdf

Zaks .pdf
Andy Robot
Andy ® Robot Software
F.R.E.D. Robot
F.R.E.D. ® Robot

Odex I.pdf

Robotics Age Magazine Covers

Cotton Candy.pdf

Hebot II pdf

RobotArm pdf

Heathkit Hero Robot
Heathkit Hero 2000.pdf
Heathkit Hero Robot
Heathkit Hero I.pdf
Heathkit Hero Robot
Heathkit Hero Jr.pdf
Heathkit Hero Robot
Hero Arm Trainer.pdf

Robot Arm pdf.

Scorbot Manual ER IIu

Scorbot Manual ER III

Scorbot Manual ER 4u

Scorbot Manual ER IX

Scorbot ER-V & ER-VII

Scorbot ER-9Pro

Scorbot USCB ER-4u

Scorbot ER 4u

Scorbot ACL

Scorbot ATS

Scorbot BU Manual

DC Servo Gripper Inst Guide

Perf MK2 Users Manual

Teach Pendant Cont Users

Controler RS232 Wiring Diag

Timex Computer Service Manual pdf

Sinclair Technical Manual pdf

ZX80 Assembly Instructions pdf

ZX81 Service Manual pdf

ZX Spectrum Service Manual pdf

Valiant Robot

Terrapin Turtle pdf.

Terrapin Turtle pdf.

Armdroid Arm pdf

Armdroid Arm pdf

Armdroid Arm .pdf

Clone pdf

Colne Arm .pdf

Armdroid-P0 Arm .pdf

Gene Oldfield .pdf

Armdroid I Arm .pdf

Clone Patent .pdf

Clone Patent .pdf

Schematic .pdf

Wiring .pdf

Armdroid Arm .pdf



Lab Volt 5100

Lab Volt 5100

Rhino Catalog pdf


Scorpion 1.pdf

Scorpion 2.pdf

Scorpion 3.pdf

Terrapin Turtle pdf.

Terrapin Turtle pdf.

Terrapin Turtle pdf.

Robot Experimenter .pdf

Tokima Robot Watch .JPG

Tokima Robot Watch .JPG

Tokima Robot Watch .JPG

Tokima Robot Watch .JPG

Novag 2Robot .pdf

Novag Chess Robot Adversary .pdf

US4398720 .pdf

Novag 2Robot Patent .pdf

Topo Patent

Cotton Candy Patent.pdf
Heathkit Hero Robot
Hero 2000 Autodock.pdf
Heathkit Hero Robot
Hero 2000 Gripper.pdf
Heathkit Hero Robot
Hero 2000 Sonar.pdf
My Thanks for the Patents to

Robo Light Patent.pdf

Toy Robot Patent.pdf

CP3O Patent.pdf







IPRC-Ref. Notes

Source: My Collection - Updated 02-14-2009