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  PERCIVAL 'O Genial Robot' by Estrela Toys - Brazil | Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | Next |  

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6. Quando PERCIVAL sta fermo puoi giocare con lui. PERCIVAL ha migliaia di sequenze e combinazioni differenti, puoi sfidare 1, 2 o piu persone o puoi misurarti con te stesso. Non puoi bleffare con PERCIVAL. Puoi scegliere il suono.

When PERCIVAL is stationary you can play with him. PERCIVAL has thousands of sequences and different combinations, you can challenge 1, 2 or more persons, or you can compete with yourself. You cannot bluff PERCIVAL. You can choose the sound.

7. Puoi comandare PERCIVAL con un radio commando. Come un amico simpatico e divertente ti obbedisce. Cammina facendo bip-bip accendendo e spegnendo le luci sulla sua testa.

You command PERCIVAL with a radio command. Like a nice and amusing friend it obeys you. It walks going bip-bip, lighting and extinguishing the lights on his head.

8. Puoi comandare PERCIVAL di andare diritto. Spingendo il bottone di commando farlo girare da una parte o dallí altra. E lo puoi comandare a una distanza superior a 100mt.

You can command PERCIVAL where he goes. By pushing the command button to make him turn one way or the other. And you can control him up to a distance of 100 metres.

9. Potete anche giocare con PERCIVAL facendogli sollevare e trasportare oggetti. Poiche la sua mano aggancia con fermezza qualsiasi oggetto, la puoi dirigere dove vuoi.

You can play with PERCIVAL to make him raise and carry objects. Since his hand hooks with firmness on any object, you can take it where you want.

Body Controls
Front Sliding Switch: Desl. Joga Anda Off Play Walk
Front Rotary Dial: SOM - Sound
Desl. Lig. Off On
Head Controls
Rotary Selectors:
Jogos - Games Habilidade - Skill
Push Buttons:
Repete - Repeat Partida - Start Mais Longo - Longer

PERCIVAL "O Genial Robot" - Made in Brazil by Estrela Toys - Percival the "Genius Robot" - 1980 made by Estrela Toys claim to fame was 'being the smartest robot on the planet'. he could answer simple Yes or No questions through the use of blinking lights and play memory sequence games along the lines of "Simon". They mainly spoke Portugese (Brazil) and his limited release was to a South American audience and may not be well known outside of that country.

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