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Sir Galaxy Robot
Sir Galaxy by ITC TM
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Sir Galaxy Robot
Sir Galaxy by Mattel TM
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    Sir Galaxy TM by Mattel ® - 1979

    • The Sir Galaxy Robot is 16 inches tall and is operated by a remote control.
    • His eye's light up and he acts as a 2-way communicator via his walkie-talkie style remote.
    • You can talk into the remote and your voice will come out of a loudspeaker built inside Sir Galaxy and you control Sir Galaxy movement by a knob on the remote.
    • Sir Galaxy has poseable arms with grippers in his hand and can carry small objects.
    • Sir Galaxy has an antennae that is mounted on top of his left ear and two buttons on his head. If your press one of the two buttons on his head, you can talk into his right ear which contains a small microphone which transmits the audio back to the remote control.
    • The robot runs on (1) 9 volt and (3) "D" batteries. The remote require (1) 9 volt battery.

    Sir Galaxy by Matell Inc - 1979. , Hawthorn Ca. USA 90250

Source: My Collection - Updated 01-04-2009