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Starroid Robot Radio
i-R-1-2 Ms. Starroid Robot
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Starroid Robot Radio
i-R-1-2 Ms. Starroid Robot
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    * Star Command TM Series by Caprice i-R-1-2 Ms. Starroid Robot AM Band Radio,

    Co-Leader of the Star Command

    Face glows with pulsating light synchronized to the sound of the radio. - Co-Leader of the Star Command 1977 Calfax Inc. Made in Hong Kong.

    Your Star Command Radio is manufactured with a powerful solid-state circuit receiving the standard AM broadcast band 525-1620 KHz. It conceptive design not only features a flashing LED as a space alert light, but its distinctive design makes it perfect practical item for every child's room. Any child can follow the manual to operate the set easily.

    This radio operates from a standard 9 vilt radio battery, 006P or equivalent. With proper care, the radio will provide endless hours of enjoyment.

Source: Private Hobbist Collector, My Collection - Updated 04-14-2009