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Omnibot 5402 by Tomy
Omnibot MK-II ® TR5500 (Red) by Tomy ®
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Omnibot 5402 by Tomy
Omnibot MK-II ® TR5503 (White) by Tomy ®
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Omnibot MK II 5402 - Tomy has created toy robots throughout the years and in the 80's created a line of small personal robots. It is truely astounding what they, and other companies, were able to acomplish utilizing the resources at the time to manufacture and sell this product line.

The Omnibot MK II had a cassette tape player built into the chest area of the robot, which slid out like a drawer to reveal the cassette and could record and playback sequences of commands, as well as regular audio recordings. The built in digital clock with timers and alarms allowed the playback of movement recordings at specified times. It was able to broadcast speech from the remote control handset through a speaker on the robot, and was shipped with a cardboard "home" base which was suggested to be taped to the floor and used as a reference point for programming. The Omnibot carried a specially made tray which slotted into its claws, and could carry objects.

Many hobbyists have turned to hacking, tweaking and improving their Omnibots. Commonly added features are IR Sensors, video cameras, speech recognition chips, stronger motors, microcontrollers, sonars and other advanced enhancements that would not have been possible in the 80s.

Robot Specifications:
1. Tape Cassette Recorder Type: 2 track monaural , Tape Selection: normal bias only , Tape Speed: +/- 3% , Wow & Flutter: within 0.3%
2. Alarm Clock display: LCD accuracy: +/- 2 sec/day power: 1.5v AA battery duration: typical 5000 hours
3. Recharger (U.L. listed) coax plug (negative middle) in: 120 VAC - out: 6 VDC, 400 ma
4. Main Battery Type: sealed lead acid , Output Rating: 6 V, 4.0 Ah , Physical Size: 2 1/4"L x 1 3/4"W x 4"H , Terminals / Connectors: lead wires with coaxial 'barrel-type' connector (negative center pole)
5. General Operating time: Battery Life: 4 hours continuous at 5.5 V (normal) , Battery Indicator: red light indicates when discharged to 5.77 volts , Operating Temperatures: 41 Degrees F~104 Degrees F (5 Degrees C~40 Degrees C)
6. Microphone type: dynamic, 300 - 600
7. Operating R/C frequency: The Remote came in 3 Frequencies: 49.860 Mhz (US), 27.145 Mhz (Europe), 40.680 Mhz (TAL)
8. External outlets: Speaker: 8 ohms
9. Bulbs for eye-lights 2.8v, 200ma use not more than 3v 250ma 10. Remote Control 4 * 1.5v (AA)

Detachable tray 2.2 lbs maximum weight allowance
Demonstration cassette tape
Battery charger
Home Base

Source: International Hobbyist Collection, My Collection - Updated 02-10-2009