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For Downloads of the Instruction Manuals go to Downloads The following actual, modified, repaired or composite pictures are for your convenience.

Omnibot 2000 pdf

Omnibot Accessories pdf

Omnibot Accessories pdf

Omnibot Accessories pdf

Omnibot Accessories pdf

OOM Omnibot pdf

Hearoid pdf

Hearoid Accessories .pdf

Robie Sr. Service pdf

Robie Sr. pdf (USA)

Le Grand Robie. pdf (French)

Robie Sr. pdf (Canada)

Robie Sr. pdf (Spanish)

Robo Link Manual pdf


Omnibot pdf

Omnibot pdf (German)

Omnibot MKII pdf (Japan)

Omnibot pdf (Japan)

Omni Jr. pdf

Charmmy. pdf

Robie Jr. pdf

Verbot pdf

Verbot Secret pdf

KI-KU-ZO pdf

Mister Robot pdf

Chatbot pdf

Chatbot pdf (German)

Coke pdf

YU-U-ZO pdf

Shaberoku Robot
Choco Robo ® pdf
Shaberoku Robot
Shaberoku pdf
Shaberoku Robot
Sumo ® Robot pdf


Talking Robie pdf

Talking Robie pdf

Talking Robie pdf

Spotbot pdf

Dingbot JPG

Dustbot pdf

Dustbot pdf

Dustbot pdf

Flipbot JPG

Mr D.J. pdf
Foocrow Robot
Hootbot .JPG
Mr. Money Robot
Mr. Money .pdf
Me Time Robot
Mr. Time .pdf
Crackbot, Sucharaka Bot
Crackbot ®

Dustbot Bot
Dustbot ®
Crackbot, Sucharaka Bot
Sucharaka ®

Tomy pdf

Armstrong pdf
Kitbots Robot by Tomy
CatBot / Kitbot ® / Nyanko ®

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