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  Robots in the Classroom, Research and Space - by Pat Stakem | Previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Next |  

R2D2 Robot
Two of my three robots, pc powered, build in
cylindrical toy boxes that look like R2D2 of
movie fame. - Click to Enlarge
R2D2 Robot
Test lab with one of the R2D2’s and its support computer.
Click to Enlarge
Astrobaut Robot
ER-1 mobile robot platform in student
research project. - Click to Enlarge

R2D2 Robot
Prototype of Grover, the Greenland Rover, a student
effort at NASA’s Goddard Space flight Center, Summer
Engineering robot boot camp. - Click to Enlarge
Penguin Robot
Tracked robot base with lidar unit at NASA’s Goddard Space flight Center,
Summer Engineering robot boot camp. - Click to Enlarge
Astrobaut Robot
Astrobot, built at NASA Goddard space
Flight Center. - Click to Enlarge

"Pat Stakem retired after 42 years as a NASA Support Contractor, having been at all of the Centers. He has a BSEE degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and Masters degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. He teaches on a casaul basis for Loyola University in Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Engineering for Professionals Program, and Capital Technology University. He enjoys mentoring student projects in robotics and Cubesats. He worked on NASA's flight Telerobotic Servicer project."
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All pictures, information and notes are not those of NASA or Goddard Space Flight Center. No affiliation or endorsement has been made or taken and Infringement is not intended. Contents will be removed if in violation. Please contact me / us if you want to add information (names, pictures etc.), find any errors, or wish information or pictures removed. We strive for accuracy and will make any changes that is necessary.

Source: Patrick H. Stakem - Updated 01-14-2015