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Odyssey Android Robot I & II; Super Robot Space Wiser Robot; Mr Robot; Intelligent Robot; Robo Robbie Robot; Son Of A Bucket Robot; Richie Robot

Is a wireless remote control robot that can sing, dance, storytelling, back poetry, play games, launch the flying saucer. The two antennas on the robot head is infrared. In order to ensure the operation of this product to achieve the best results, the remote control must operate each function at the receiver of the robot head.

The Basic operation Of The Remote Control;

  • The robot body open to the ON position, press the red button on the robot chest position, which began to enter the voice-enabled speech. Robots will began to work! Prior to entering the various functional operations, subject to the voice prompts after the end of effective it.
  • Press the red button on the robot chest position, the robot will speak, will flash, robot talking to stop, you can each functional operation of the robot.

The Robots Features (Corresponding To Each Button Of The Remote Control):

  • The head features: remote control above the smiling faces, plus the arrow keys button logo, press this button can control the robot's head to the left or right rotation, and sound.
  • The steering function: the footprints of the remote control above plus the arrow keys button logo, press this button, you can control the robot left or right rotation.
  • The function of dance: the remote control button above the P-DANCE flag dance function button, press this button, the robot will bring us dance for you in the voice prompts and music, dancing head rotation, the arm is also followed swing, your feet will be walking back and forth and sliding; R-SLIDE button logo is a swing dance function button, press this button, the robot will be the voice prompts for your offer exciting music and dance, dance head will turn, feet sliding back and forth, arm swing followed.
  • The signs of walking function: W plus the direction of the remote control above button, press this button, can control the robot left and right foot forward or backward walking around the arm with the follow the pendulum, also issued a realistic rhythm of the sound.
  • The signs of the synchronization feature: remote control above the S arrow key button, press this button, you can control the robot feet slide forward synchronization.
  • The launch Frisbee function: remote control above the key logo button and the disc logo button, these two together in order to achieve the emission Frisbee Oh. This feature consists of two links, "key logo button, after the voice prompt, and press the “key logo button, and then the disc logo button” before they can launch Frisbee.
Oh, and to some (of course, must sequentially press the two buttons!) can be many times the operating time of order, then by two buttons, Frisbee is not successful launch of the robot, this feature must be in operation before the Frisbee into the robot head cylinder inside. A lot of fun to be buyers to find the robot is an intellectual toy that will cultivate children's ability.

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