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Lov Bo-Gi-Bots [ MENU ]
1. LOV SOUNDS Alarm Clock AM/FM Radio 2. LOV SENSOR Light-Sensor 3. LOV SEARCH Wandering 4. LOV WALK Wind-Up Baby
5. LOV CHANCE Die Cast Game 6. LOV WAVES Radio Control 7. LOV TALKS Interphone  
8. Perigee "AM-Radio" by Bandai 9. Metalina "Mild Boy" by Bandai 10. Spacy Walks "Mild Girl" by Bandai 11. "Mild Boy" "Mild Girl" by Bandai

1. LOVSOUNDS - 900460
Digital Alarm Clock AM/FM Radio
Lov Bot Robot
2. LOVSENSOR - 900458
Light-Sensor Lov Bot Game
3. LOVSEARCH - 900462
Wandering Lov Bot
Lov Bot Robot
4. LOVWALK - 900459
Wind-Up Baby Lov Bot

Lov Bot RobotLov Bot Robot
5. LOVCHANCE - 900456
Die Cast Game Lov Bot
6. LOVWAVES - 900457
Radio Control Lov Bot
TheOldRobots.ComLov Bot Robot
7. LOVTALKS - 900461
Interphone Lov Bot

Perigee Robot
8. Perigee "AM-Radio"
by Bandai
Metalina Robot
9. Metalina "Mild Boy"
by Bandai
Spacy Walks Robot
10. Spacy Walks "Mild Girl"
by Bandai
Mild Girl/Boy Robot
11. "Mild Boy" "Mild Girl"
by Bandai

LovBot by Bandai ® Because the Lov Bot family cares LovBots are being sent to earth. They are landing here to become frends of earth children.

You can look into their crystal eyes and see love that they are seeing. Talk to them, play games with them, listen to them, sing with them. Watch them, laugh with them, and discover the feeling of love and friendship again and again and again. There's only one thing to remember! Send your LovLetter to the LovBot family on the planet AIE so that they will know that your Lov Bo GI Bots have landed safely, and are finding a home in your heart.

Lov Bot by Bandai ® © 1984 TOHOKUSHINSHA - Made in Japan.

Source: Private Hobbist Collector, Internet,, My Collection - Updated 04-14-2011