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Before operating this toy, please read the instructions thoroughly and retain it for future reference.


  • Be sure to load the new batteries with their polarities ( + and - ) aligned correctly.
  • To avoid damage from possible battery leakage, remove batteries if stored for a long period of time.
  • Do not use old and new batteries together, (Also never use an alkaline with a standard battery.)
  • For the toy to operate at its best, it should not be subject to temperatures below 0 deg. or over 40 deg. C.
  • Do not run toy on sand or immerse in the water.
  • Do not operate the toy under power transmissions lines or near a power transformer.
  • Do not operate the toy with other remote control toys in the neighborhood.
  • Battery Replacement

    The Toy
    1) Screw the battery compartment lid off.
    2) Place 6 "AA" battries in the compartment as indicated inside the compartment.
    3) Replace the lid.

    The Controller
    1) Screw the battery compartment lid off.
    2) Place a 9-volt battery contacts with clips on end of wire and snap together.
    3) Replace the lid.

    When to Change the Batteries
    If the toy does not operate properly (i.e. the speed slows down, sound is distorted or the toy does not
    respond to the controller), the batteries may be exhausted. Replace them with new ones.
    Note: In normal operation, the 9-volt battery in the controller has a longer life than the "AA" batteries in
    the toy.

    Features and Operation

  • To enable the toy to receive control signals, turn on the switch at the bottom of the toy.
  • To make the toy go forward, press and hold down the button on the controller. For turning and changing
    directions, release and rehold the controller button down so that the toy spins in place, then let go
    when the toy is pointing in the desired direction (this will cause the toy to stop spinning). Press the
    button again and the toy will go forward.
  • The head turns from side to side and the robot speaks one of five different phrases as it moves.
  • To deactivate the toy, turn off the switch at the bottom.
  • Operating Range
    The controller should be used within a range of about 20 - 30 feet from the toy. The range may be
    affected by different surroundings such as the structure of the home (if used indoors) and the
    distance from metal objects (erratic operations will occur if used near metal objects).

    Source: My Collection, Private Hobbyst Collection - Updated 02-04-2017